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Data and Tools

Database applications developed by our laboratory are presented via The Rodent Brain WorkBench.

Multi-platform(Java3D based) software for 3-D atlasing of mouse and rat brains, specialized for assigning location to MR, CT. and PET data. Atlas3D

AnalySIS Tutorials
NeSys has used programme AnalySIS (Soft Imaging System GmbH, M├╝nster, Germany) for some of its publications. These tutorials explain basic AnalySIS interface and features, and examplify the use of AnalySIS for image analysis purposes.

Basic AnalySIS tutorial

Using AnalySIS® to detect cells and collect data from a Fluororuby-stained section
This tutorial describes how to separate stained elements from background, separate cells from artefacts, detect the cells and in the end get a list with xy-coordinates (and other relevant info) on each cell.
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