Computational neuroanatomy:
Tools for single neuron, system, and brain region analysis

Special Issue, Anatomy and Embryology, Volume 204, Number 4, October 2001

Editor: Jan G. Bjaalie

Neural Systems and Graphics Computing Laboratory
University of Oslo

This special issue of Anatomy and Embryology presents seven articles that highlight large parts of the field of computational neuroanatomy. The emphasis is on tools and methods. Multiple levels of investigation, from single neurons to brain regions, are covered. The authors are both developers of new technology and investigators with important scientific questions that have applied appropriate technologies in order to obtain the answer they are seeking.


Bjaalie JG Advances in computational neuroanatomy 253


Review articles:

Pelt J van, Ooyen van A, Uylings HBM The need for integrating neuronal morphology databases and computational environments in exploring neuronal structure and function 255

Toga AW, Thompson PM, Mega MS, Narr KL, Blanton RE Probabilistic approaches for atlasing normal and disease-specific brain variability 267


Original articles:

Ascoli GA, Krichmar JL, Scorcioni R, Slawomir JN, Senft SL Computer generation and quantitative morphometric analysis of virtual neurons 283

Nadasdy Z, Zaborszky L  Visualization of density relations in large-scale neural networks 303

Brevik A, Leergaard TB, Svanevik M, Bjaalie JG  Three-dimensional computerised atlas of the rat brain stem precerebellar system: approaches for mapping, visualization, and comparison of spatial distribution data 319

Kötter R, Stephan KE, Palomero-Gallagher N, Geyer S, Schleicher A, K Zilles Multimodal characterisation of cortical areas by multivariate analyses of receptor binding and connectivity data 333

Geyer S, Schleicher A, Schormann T, Mohlberg H, Bodegård A, Roland PE, Zilles K Integration of microstructural and functional aspects of human somatosensory areas 3a, 3b and 1 on the basis of a computerized brain atlas 351