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Upcoming release: Sprague-Dawley WHS Atlas
July 13, 2012

We have created an open access volumetric atlas of the adult Sprague-Dawley rat brain, with the aim to connect data acquired from this strain to the standard Waxholm Space, and to other atlas spaces through the INCF Digital Atlasing Infrastructure. The atlas contains over 80 anatomical structures, including nuclei, areas, and fiber tracts, delineated based on high-resolution isotropic MRI and DTI, or transferred from external material. The atlas, together with the high quality image material, is soon to be publicly released (Papp et al., in preparation).

The project will be presented on a poster at the Neuroinformatics 2012 Congress.

Link to INCF Digital Atlasing Infrastructure : http://incf.org/programs/atlasing/digital-atlasing-infrastructure

Link to abstract : http://neuroinformatics2012.org/abstracts/first-generation-waxholm-atlas-of-the-sprague-dawley-rat-brain
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