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Collaboration: Landmarks for image registration
August 8, 2012

Landmark-based image registration requires definition of fiducials, i.e. characteristic anatomical features of the brain, in source and target datasets. In this project, 16 landmarks have been identified in the mouse brain by M. Sergejeva, A. Hess and colleagues at the Institute of Pharmacology, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany. The landmarks have been validated in multiple image modalities and contrasts to be reliably identifiable by investigators with or without anatomical experience. The landmarks are accompanied with textual and graphical guidelines providing a standard way of definition. The aim is to help practical registration of data to the mouse and rat Waxholm Space.

We have contributed to the project by validation of the 16 landmarks in rat brain histological material (Nissl sections), and by providing high resolution T2* MRI images (Sergejeva et al., in preparation).
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