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NeSys is a computational neuroanatomy and neuroinformatics laboratory. We aim at producing new
neuroinformatics capabilities, as well as knowledge about design principles of large scale brain circuits,
including circuit reorganization in disease models.

The laboratory develops database applications for image data, methods for computerized data acquisition,
3-D reconstruction, visualization and quantitative analyses of large neuronal populations and brain regions
in the mammalian brain. The methods are employed to investigate the architecture of large projection
in the mammalian brain, as well as to study whole brain distribution patterns for gene,
molecular,and circuit level data.

The laboratory employs stereotaxic surgery, electrophysiology, axonal tracing, general histology,
immunocytochemistry, large scale microscopy image acquisition, shared tools for visualization and
analyses, and shared online database applications. Project collaborations also include the use of
high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography.

Several investigations are conducted in collaboration with leading laboratories in Europe and the U.S.A.
The NeSys laboratory also has an experimental division performing experiments on rat and mouse models.
August 11,2012
Young investigator award to Christopher Coello
August 8,2012
Collaboration: Landmarks for image registration
July 13,2012
Upcoming release: Sprague-Dawley WHS Atlas
November 12,2010
4th INCF Congress, 2011
November 9,2010
Live demonstration of NeSys atlas tools at INCF
November 8,2010
Release of Tet-Off mouse brain atlas
January 5,2010
3rd INCF Congress, 2010
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