Lateral reticular nucleus:

Computer-generated stereo-pairs showing the 3-D topography of cells, represented as dots (A, A’, B, B’), and external boundaries, represented as solid surfaces, of the Lateral reticular nucleus (C, C’, D, D’). The stereo-pairs A and A’ and C and C’ are viewed from ventral, whereas B and B’ and D and D’ are viewed from rostral. To see a 3-D image, the viewer must cross the eye axis to let the pair of images merge. The rostral extension of the LRt (i.e. linear nucleus of medulla) corresponds to the rostral pole described by Waite and Tracy (1995). The asymmetrical branching of the rostral pole indicates that the cutoarchitecture of the linear nucleus of medulla may be subject to variation both across and within cases. Bar, 1mm.