Pontine cells projecting to posterior cerebellum

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List of cases
Pontine coordinate system
Standard diagrams

Microscope images:
Injection Sites and labelled cells
  • BR14  

    Dot maps:

    A2 Face injections

  • BR05    (pdf)
  • BR13    (pdf)
  • BR15    (pdf)
  • Combined  (pdf)

    C1 Forelimb injections
  • BR03   (pdf)
  • BR06   (pdf)
  • BR14   (pdf)
  • Combined  (pdf)

    C1 Hindlimb injections
  • BR14   (pdf)
  • BR16   (pdf)
  • Combined  (pdf)

    Combined cases  (pdf)

    3-D rotation sequences

    Original data:
  • pa-format
  • XYZ-format