Coordinate files for downloading

For each experiment two .pa files are available, one with point coordinates representing FR labeling, another with point coordinates representing BDA labeling. See 'List of cases' and the original article by Leergaard et al. (submitted).

The data are available as 'population files' (.pa), which are generated by programs MicroTrace (Leergaard and Bjaalie, 1995, Neurosci. Res. 22:231-243) and Micro3D (see

The listed X,Y,Z coordinates refer to the internal coordinate system for the pontine nuclei. In the coordinate files, the origin is set to be in the center of the bounding box, as shown in the figure below. Concerning relative coordinates and derived presentation diagrams, see Pontine coordinate system and Standard diagrams.

The pa-format is defined as follows:

[sectionID] [#_points] [z-value] [object_type (point/line)]
[x1] [y1]
[x2] [y2]
[xn] [yn]
1 unit = 10 micrometer


All M cases in one file (zip) All SS cases in one file (zip)