Coordinate files available for downloading

For each experiment three .xyz files are available, one with point coordinates representing FR labeling (e.g., another with point coordinates representing BDA labeling (e.g., and a file containing consecutive series of coordinates representing the outlines of the pontine nuclei gray matter. See 'List of cases' and the original article by Leergaard et al. (2000).

1 unit = 10 micrometer

40bda.XYZ   40fr.XYZ   40pons.XYZ
41bda.XYZ   41fr.XYZ   41pons.XYZ
42bda.XYZ   42fr.XYZ   42pons.XYZ
43bda.XYZ   43fr.XYZ   43pons.XYZ
44bda.XYZ   44fr.XYZ   44pons.XYZ
45bda.XYZ   45fr.XYZ   45pons.XYZ
46bda.XYZ   46fr.XYZ   46pons.XYZ
48bda.XYZ   48fr.XYZ   48pons.XYZ
49bda.XYZ   49fr.XYZ   49pons.XYZ
51bda.XYZ   51fr.XYZ   51pons.XYZ
52bda.XYZ   52fr.XYZ   52pons.XYZ
53bda.XYZ   53fr.XYZ   53pons.XYZ
55bda.XYZ   55fr.XYZ   55pons.XYZ