Pontine projections from SI whisker barrel field

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List of cases
Pontine coordinate system
Explanation of dot maps
Photomicrographs     (pdf)

Dot maps:
Within rows, short separation
  • D44     (pdf-format)
  • D45     (pdf-format)
  • D46     (pdf-format)
    Within rows, long separation
  • D53     (pdf-format)
  • D43     (pdf-format)
    Across rows, short separation
  • D48     (pdf-format)
  • D51     (pdf-format)
  • D42     (pdf-format)
  • D41
    Across rows, long separation
  • D52     (pdf-format)
  • D40
  • D49     (pdf-format)
  • D55     (pdf-format)

    3-D rotation sequences:
  • D46
  • D48
  • D51
  • D53

    Movie sequences

    Original data:
  • pa-format
  • XYZ-format