Computer-generated 3-D reconstruction from case D52, after injection of BDA and FR into SI whisker barrels located in different rows (A). The clusters of labeling tend to be confined to a single lamellar subspace (B: ventral view, C: slice 70, D: slice 60 - 80), and the black dots are generally located dorsal to the red dots (B: sagittal view, C: slices 60 - 80, D: slices 60 - 80). At certain locations where the pontine lamellar subspaces are sliced tangentially, the labeled clusters display an apperent inside - out shift. However, corresponding orthogonal slices reveal that the clusters also at these locations are confined to a lamellar subspace (compare C: slice 80, D: slices 70 - 80 with D: slice 60, C: slices 60 - 70, respectively).