Computer-generated 3-D reconstruction from case D44, after injection of BDA and FR into SI whisker barrels located within the same row (A). Among the large, laterally located clusters of labeling, an inside-out relationship is observed, with clusters of red dots surrounding the clusters of black dots externally, i.e., laterally (B: ventral view, C: slices 50 - 60), dorsally (C: slices 70 - 80, D: slices 50 - 70), and rostroventrally (D: slices 60 - 70). This case does not contain BDA labeling medially or contralaterally. There is only sparse FR labeling dorsal to the peduncle. While the rostrally located clusters appear relatively large and rounded in transverse slices (C: slices 40 - 50), their elongated and curved shape is revealed in the sagittal slices (D: slices 60 - 70).