Computer-generated 3-D reconstruction from case D43, after injection of BDA and FR into SI whisker barrels located within the same row (A). This case demonstrates an inside-out relationship of labeled clusters. The clusters of black dots surround the clusters of red dots externally, i.e. laterally (B: ventral view, C: slices 50 - 70), dorsally (C: slices 60 - 80), rostrally (B: sagittal view, C: slices 40 - 50, D: slices 60 - 80), caudally (B: ventral view, D: slices 60 - 80), and medially (B: ventral and rostral views). While the rostrally located clusters have a rounded appearance in transverse sections (C: slices 40 - 50), their elongated, lamellar shape is revealed in sagittal slices (D: slices 60 - 70). The larger FR injection site gives rise to a thicker lamellar cluster, compared to the thin lamellae arising from the smaller BDA injection site (C: slices 60 - 70, D: slices 60 - 70).