The Standard Pontine Coordinate System

A: 3-D recontruction of the ventral brainstem at the level of the pons. View from ventral.

  • Ventral surface of the pons: transparent grey surface
  • Boundaries of the pontine nuclei: dark blue solid surfaces
  • Descending fiber tracts ('peduncles'): Light blue solid surfaces
  • Reference frame, basis for the coordinate system (same as in C): Solid and dotted lines

    B: Photograph of the rat bainstem from ventral.

    C - E: The reference frame and relative coordinates (0 - 100) for the pontine nuclei from 3 standard angles of view. The origin of the coordinate system is defined as the crossing of the midline and a line tangential to the rostral end of the pontine nuclei. The thin curved lines represent the boundaries of the pontine nuclei.

    Bar 500 µm., A, anterior; D, dorsal; M, medial; R, rostra